2022 Gleaning U-pick

FYI, any of these crops could be damaged by frost on Friday night.

Pumpkins (Limit = 2 large & 1 small per household)
Bell peppers (Limit = 2 per household)
Carrots (Limit = 6 per household)
Chilies; jalapenos (Limit = 5 per household)
Chilies; poblanos (Limit = 2 per household)
# Kale & collards
# Romano beans (Field will be wet and muddy from overnight irrigation.)
Sweet potatoes (Limit = Dig 1 hill per household)
# Tomatoes, cherry (Be prepared to hunt.  Might be frost damaged.)
# Tomatoes, plum & slicing (Be prepared to hunt.  Might be frost damaged.)
Winter squash; acorns, butternuts, etc

# = most abundant gleaning crops

Watch your step!

Groundhogs & our resident badger have dug MANY holes in the fields & field roads this year!  Most are NOT obvious.  Stay alert.

Gleaning map


Try here for a printable version.

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