A Receipt for your CSA shares


We have new software this season, with it’s own method of generating receipts.  
Please note; if you’ve chosen to pay by credit card in installments, our system shows your completed payments.

Via Email (this is the best approach)

We have already emailed you both an invoice and a payment receipt.  If you are submitting an HMO rebate request, you need both to document your share and your payment.

If you paid by check:
INVOICE:  Look for an email from us sent at the time you registered, titled “Welcome to our CSA!”.
PAYMENT RECEIPT:  Look for an email from us titled “Your check payment was received.” Your check information is listed under Payment details.

If you paid by credit card:
INVOICE and RECEIPT:  Both your share and your payment are documented in our “Welcome to our CSA” email.  Alternatively, you can use your credit card statement to demonstrate payment.

If you cannot find the emails

In that case, you can extract the invoice and payment details from your account.  Follow these instructions for either check and credit card payment.
Log in at Tipi Member login.

– INVOICE: Choose ‘View order history.’ Click on the invoice number (begins with an O). Choose ‘Printable’ and either print or save as a PDF.  If those look weird, then you’ll need to take a screenshot of the page.
– PAYMENT RECEIPT (check or credit card): Return to your Dashboard and choose “Cash Account Balance.” Print or take a screenshot of this page.

I realize the invoice and cash account statement do not reliably display the 3% credit card surcharge.  

Your login account

I believe all of you created a login account during registration.  Log in here.  If you’ve forgotten your password, use the password reset option. If you believe you’ve never set up a login account, contact me at [email protected], tell me the primary name on your account, and I’ll help.

Thank you!
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