Vacation rescheduling, 2022

Updated 5/16/22
DEADLINE for all changes = Sunday midnight before the week of delivery,
If you miss the deadline to place a hold, please ask someone to pick up your produce for you.  Make sure they know what to do.  Give them the info sheet for your location so they have the site address, host phone, and instructions.

Only the admin member for your share can enter vacation holds,  
and only that person receives a confirmation email once a change is entered.  Please coordinate among yourselves. 

– You can reschedule up to three deliveries.
– Replacement dates must fall within our May 26/27 to November 3/4 season.
– No rescheduling for Extension and Storage shares (these shares are only one delivery each).

A. How to reschedule a CSA delivery to a different date

1. Sign into your dashboard at

2. You will see your delivery calendar.  On the calendar itself, click on the date you want to reschedule (June 2 in the example below).

3. You will be offered a new window, with a ‘Reschedule Single Delivery” box at bottom.  Click on the date after “New Date” (2022-06-02 in the screenshot). 

4.  Another calendar will appear.  See screenshot below.  Choose the date you want to receive your replacement box here, then click the Change button.  

5.  Look at the original calendar and verify that your change is entered.  Your cancelled box has changed color and your replacement date is now green.  The legend shows various ways dates display.  If the color change doesn’t appear, try clicking into the next month, then back, and click on one of your dates.
If your date has not changed, then you need to try again.  Pay attention to step 4.  Either you didn’t choose a replacement date in the second calendar or you did not click the ‘Change’ button.
Once your change is completed, you will receive a confirmation email titled “CSAware Delivery Reschedule Notice.”


B. How to cancel (“Hold”) a CSA delivery, without replacement

1. Sign into your dashboard at

2. You will see your delivery calendar.  On the calendar, click on the date you want to cancel (June 2 in the example).

3.  In the new window, click the ‘Hold Delivery” button.  This will cancel the selected date, without replacement.  Note that the cancelled date is now gray.  You will receive a confirmation email titled “Delivery Hold Notice”


C. How to reverse a cancellation

You can reverse a cancellation up to the Sunday before that delivery date.  After that, cancellation is final.  Return to your dashboard, click on the “On Hold” date in the calendar, then click on “Get delivery”  to restore the delivery (June 2 in the example).  You’ll get an updated “Delivery Hold Notice” email.

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