Named 2016 Organic Farmers of the Year by MOSES!

We are Beth Kazmar, Steve Pincus and our two children Ari and Sophie.  We raise 45 acres of organic vegetables near Evansville, WI.   Steve began farming in 1975 and Beth joined the operation in 1999.  We purchased our current farm in 2001.   We chose this particular farm because it has sandy soil that warms quickly in spring and allows us to get an early start on the growing season.   As a result, our CSA begins weeks earlier than others.  It helps that we are in southern Wisconsin, about 15 miles from the Illinois border.

Our farm and crops are certified organic.   That means that we are biological farmers, interested in understanding the biology of our 45 crops so we can grow them better.  Crops are fertilized with cover crops, rotten leaves and composted manures.   Pests and diseases are controlled through pro-active management and gentle natural materials.

Half of our farm’s sales are through our CSA.  The remaining sales are to natural food stores in Madison, Milwaukee and Janesville.   If you shop at any of our wholesale customers below, then you may already be familiar with our produce.
Willy Street Co-op East and North stores in Madison
Willy Street Co-op-West in Middleton
Basics Co-op in Janesville
All four Outpost Natural Foods co-ops in Milwaukee, Mequon and Wauwatosa
Good Harvest Market in Pewaukee.

We are joined in our farming endeavor by many long-term employees.  We rely on each of them.  Do you have a favorite vegetable?  So do we.  Think about our hardworking field crew when you enjoy one of their favorites.   Here are our workers, the year they started working for us, and their favorite crop from the farm.

Raul Casique Montes (2017)  .
Mike Cassidy (2020)  .
Billy Frain (2013)  Onions.  He likes the steps in harvesting onions; pull from the ground, leave to dry, pull off tops, gather to cure in the greenhouse.  Also … “Carrots.  They bring the whole crew together during weeding, despite the tedious, arduous nature of the work.”
Charlotte Hammond (2016 – 2018, returned in 2021)  .
Kristin Knoener (2008, returned in 2016 – now)  Kristin likes cherry tomatoes, lettuce and watermelons.  “There’s nothing like watermelon at 3:00 pm on a hot day.”
Vern Mahlkuch (2014, returned in 2020 & 2021) .
Chance Nicholson (2018)  .
Karen Nicholson (2013) Winter squash, because they signify the change of seasons.  She appreciates the switch to cooking fall comfort foods that comes with winter squash.
Simone O’Donahue (1999) Simone loves peppers.  She appreciates the variety of colors.  A favorite job is re-potting the young plants in the warm, sunny greenhouse.  She appreciates seasons when they are prolific, and has an affinity for this crop that grows well in hot summer weather.  Disclaimer; Simone runs our pepper harvest crop.  It’s a natural match.
Matt Salbego (2020)  .
Maggie Schley (1999?)  Maggie loves cucumbers because she loves pickles and salt and fermentation.  Tipi carrots are a big part of Maggie’s life.  They were pictured on her wedding invitation.  She has lots of carrot jewelry.  Everyone on the farm saves ‘lover carrots’ for Maggie; carrots that have grown together in a spiral.  Maggie is always on the carrot harvest crew.
Ben Thomas (2019)  .
John Zydowicz (2019)  .

Steve Pincus (1975)  Watermelons!
Beth Kazmar (1999)  Asparagus.  Ask me in August and I’ll say red peppers.
Sophie (since birth)  “Sweet potatoes and strawberries because they taste so good.”
Ari (since birth)  Cucumbers.  “You can do lots of things with them. Eat them raw or make pickles or turn them into cucumber salad.”

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