Extension & Storage Shares

Left; Extension Share, one delivery, one box in early November.  Same box size as during regular season.
Right; Storage Share; one delivery, two large boxes in mid-November.  Much bigger delivery than during regular season.

We offer two shares to extend your CSA season into November.
Tipi members, if you’ve forgotten whether you registered for these shares, go here to send yourself an email with the information.

A. EXTENSION SHARE  (for May – October Tipi members only)

Date = November 7/8, 2019 (Thurs/Friday sites)
Cost = $31.50
Frequency = One delivery
Description = Extend your CSA season with one delivery.  Same 3/4 bushel box as the regular CSA Share.

B. STORAGE SHARE – This share is SOLD OUT.

Date = November 21/22, 2019 (Thurs/Friday sites)
Cost = $111.
Frequency = One very large delivery
Description = Each share consists of two large 1 & 1/9 bushel boxes stuffed full of fall goodness, and delivered the week before Thanksgiving.


Each season is different so the final list depends on which crops flourish.