Will the CSA boxes contain unusual vegetables and how can I learn to use them?

We provide a wide variety of vegetables, although we focus on the more familiar vegetables in our CSA.  See our harvest schedule for a list of the crops we provide.  Our newsletters provide information about how to store and prepare each vegetable, as well as tasty recipes.

Should I get a weekly share or an every-other-week share?

Our weekly share is designed to feed a family of four to five people. We suggest that you look at our sample boxes from previous years and ask yourself “Will I eat that amount of food in one week or in two weeks?” We are happy to provide more detailed information about our deliveries. Just contact us.

Can more than one household split a share?

Yes. Many smaller households choose to split a CSA share with a second household. I encourage you to provide at least one email address for each household, so everyone receives my weekly reminder email.

Is your produce organic?

Yes, all our produce is certified organic.  Our farm is certified by the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).

At 26 weeks, your CSA season is much longer than other farms. Why is that?

Our farm is located on light-textured soils that warm quickly in spring. We are in southern Wisconsin, only 15 miles from the Illinois border. These factors allow us to begin farming earlier than other locations in Wisconsin. Steve has farmed since 1975 and has picked up many tricks about how to nurture crops into early production.  Also, we have planted perennial crops that we can count on to be ready for the early boxes: asparagus, rhubarb, chives.

What fruits do you provide in the CSA boxes?

Our fruits are strawberries, raspberries, watermelons, muskmelons and rhubarb.

How should I store the vegetables?

See our storage guide and suggestions in the individual newsletters.

What happens if I go on vacation?

We understand that members go on vacation during the CSA season.  You have three options:

  • You can cancel your box. Please give us one week advance notice.
  • You can have a friend pick up the box for you.  Please instruct him/her how to get the box and forward them a copy of the info packet for your site.
  • You can reschedule up to two boxes per season.  We need ONE WEEK ADVANCE NOTICE, and you must choose the new week at the time that you cancel the box.  Please reschedule via email.  Let us know your name, your site, share type (weekly or EOW/green or EOW/purple), which date you want to postpone and the new date you would like to reschedule for.  Weekly members, this means you will receive two boxes on the rescheduled date.

What are the members’ responsibilities?

  • Many pick-up sites are located in members’ homes, so please be respectful of the pick-up times. Your site hosts are doing us a favor by hosting the site, and we’d like to make the system as simple as possible for them.
  • Scratch your name off the check-off list at the site.
  • Put the blankets back on the remaining boxes after you retrieve your produce. (Not all sites have blankets.)
  • If you split your box with another household, you must not split the box and leave the half-box for your partner to pick up at our site. The half-box is easily mistaken for a full box! This has caused many problems in the past.
  • Return your empty, flattened boxes to the pick-up site.
  • Read the newsletter!
  • Eat your veggies!

What happens if I do not pick up my CSA box on time?

You risk losing your box anytime you do not pick it up during the designated hours for your site.  Please have a friend pick up your box if you cannot do so during those hours.  Please read the CSA Handbook for your site to learn if your site hosts offer a second chance to retrieve your box.  Remember, the produce is not refrigerated and it will be in better shape if you retrieve it promptly.

Can I take the CSA box home?

We prefer that you unpack your veggies and leave the empty box at your CSA site.  Outpost members, it is difficult to unpack your box in the store.  It is better to unpack the box outside the produce department, or to take the box home and return it the next time you return to the store.

How do I flatten the empty box?

Let us teach you how in this short YouTube video starring farmer Steve!

Who can attend the farm events?

All CSA members are welcome, whether weekly members, EOW members, or families splitting a share.  The farm events are not open to the general public.

Do you charge for produce picked during the farm parties?

We charge for the strawberries or raspberries that you take home. We usually offer free peas to pick during the strawberry u-picks, as long as we have a field at the right stage. Pumpkins and crop gleanings picked during the fall farm party are free.

Can we visit the farm during times other than the farm events announced in the newsletter?

Our farm is only open to visit during the announced farm events.  At other times, we need to focus on our work so there will be lots of good produce to fill the CSA boxes.

Do you grow all the produce in the boxes?

We purchase certified organic garlic, potatoes and mushrooms from several growers that we trust.  We grow everything else here at our farm.

Can I work on the farm in exchange for a CSA share?

We do not offer worker shares.

Can people who are not CSA members purchase extra produce from our farm?

Sales of extra produce such as strawberries, basil, tomatoes or red peppers are only for CSA members.

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