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Spring update

IMG_1665 steve row cover
We gambled and planted our first seeds outside on March 15, before the big snow. Steve didn’t mention this to our farmer friends right away.  Planting that early is risky.  What if it was a flop?  Tucked under white floating row cover, the spinach, radishes, salad turnips and greens are doing great.  If there’s a chance to get in the fields early, we’ll take it.  Steve crawls under the row cover every few days to check on the seedlings.

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Today was a remarkably productive day.  We’re flying through our spring tasks.  Let’s share some photos.

IMG_1444 v2 lush seedlings
All the seedlings are so strong right now.  The onions are beautiful as they wave in the wind.  We will start transplanting these into the field tomorrow.  This photo represents spring hope for us; the promise of the young seedlings and the bright green cover crops in the field behind the shed.

IMG_1624 transplant
We transplanted our first lettuce on April 1.  No fooling.  It’s growing well under heat-gathering row cover.  Lettuce #2 went into the ground today.  Simone drives the tractor while Joel, Dan and Jon ride the transplanter and Kerry checks the seedling depth.

IMG_1652 transplanter
We love our mechanical transplanter – it saves so much effort versus transplanting by hand.

IMG_1638 lettuce on wagon
Nice sturdy seedlings.

IMG_1658 green garlic
The green garlic survived the winter without trouble.

IMG_1684 v5 strawberry mulch
Jon and Joel pull mulch off the strawberry plants so they can start to grow.

IMG_1681 rhubarb
Irrepressible rhubarb!

IMG_1521 v2 simone water light
Simone waters lettuce seedlings in flats.  The light is gorgeous at the end of the day.

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