Final winter share delivery

Blurry, candlelit photo from our crew party.

We celebrated the season’s end with a big party at our house fueled by turkey, an extraordinary potluck and lots of wine.  Our employees brought their partners and families.  The kids rampaged in the living room while we reminisced about the year they knocked over the Christmas tree.  Almost the whole crew attended, dressed in clean clothes and bearing their best potluck dishes.  It is a joy to wrap up the season this way.

Thank you for being members of our farm this season.  We hope you have a wonderful winter.  See you next spring.  Beth and Steve.

Things you need to know about this delivery:
* Your delivery will consist of two different boxes, labeled “A” and “B”.  The boxes contain different vegetables. Take one “A” box and one “B” box.
* We have altered the pick up hours at unheated sites so the produce does not freeze.  Consult the list in the sidebar.

Winter share strategy
* These vegetables are the most perishable: Brussels sprouts and leeks.
* These are the next-most perishable: green cabbage, red cabbage, parsnips
* These will last the longest: Beauty Heart radish, beets, carrots, celeriac, onions, potatoes, rutabaga, sweet potatoes.

Veggie List and Storage Notes
This is another big delivery.  Take a look at our 11/20/13 post for storage advice for most of the vegetables.  I’ve included notes below for veggies packed in this delivery but not in the 11/20 boxes.

Box “A”
Satina potatoes, 5 lb
Russet potatoes, 5 to 5.5 lb
Yellow onions, 5 lb
Sweet potatoes, about 6 lb

Box “B”
Red beets, 3 lb
Brussels sprouts, 0.8 lb
Green cabbage, 1
Red cabbage, 1
Orange carrots, 5 lb –
Yellow carrots, 1 lb – Both carrot types are in one bag.
Celeriac, 1
Leeks, 3 lb
Parsnips, 3 lb
Rutabaga, 1 to 3 depending on size
Beauty Heart radish, several

Cabbage – Refrigerate.  Cut off chunks as needed.
Celeriac – Will store for months in your fridge.  Cut off chunks as needed.
Yellow and orange carrots – We’ve mixed the two colors in one bag.
Parsnips (These look like rough white carrots.) – Refrigerate in a plastic bag.  Parsnips will store for two months but will darken in color.
Rutabaga (round root, cream-colored with purple shoulders) – Refrigerate.  Will store for several months.
Beauty Heart radishes (round, white with pale green shoulders and pink interior)– Refrigerate.
Sweet potatoes – As usual, these are unwashed.  We don’t want to risk chilling them in winter.  Store at room temperature, above 55 F.

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