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Forward motion

Spring farm awards

We are making progress here.  Let’s recognize our outstanding players.

AWARD: Best posture
AWARD: Cutest hats

Scallions win two awards!  Each ‘hat’ is a seed coat stuck to the tip of the plant’s first leaf.  So stylish!

AWARD: Beauty Queen/King

‘Red Sails’ lettuce wins the beauty contest every year for her gorgeous speckled leaves and green to red shading.  We coddle these babies, nurture them in the field and … then we eat them.  This lettuce will be in the first or second CSA box.

AWARD: Favorite place on the farm

Hands down, it’s greenhouse #1.  The thermostat is set to 74 degrees but the greenhouse warms to the mid-80’s on a sunny day.  We’ve got two greenhouses in operation now.  For a cooler place to eat lunch, greenhouse #2 is perfect, set to a pleasant mid-60’s.

AWARD: Most welcome

These tiny crocuses are the first flowers each spring.  They’re in a sunny, warm spot in our yard.

AWARD: Most perseverant

It’s a tie!  Both these plants shrug off cold winters.
At left, even a little sunshine gets the moss growing.
At right, brilliant rhubarb buds emerge even when there’s snow on the ground.

AWARD: Most displaced holiday

We celebrated Easter very early this year, while our daughter was home from college.  Left, Steve hides eggs in my flower garden.  The farm has many hiding places; egg hunts are epic in length.  The eggs at right are dyed with red cabbage (blue eggs) or onion skins (brown eggs).  Steve jokes that we should hide the afikoman matzoh, and celebrate Passover early too.

It’s time to sign up for your CSA share!

Our shares are selling quickly this year.
– New members, go here to enroll
– If you were a Tipi CSA member in the past, enroll here.

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