Busy week


Bike parking during the Bike the Barns event at our farm on 9/15/13.

It’s been an action-packed week, so this newsletter is brief.  I’ll post more photos from Bike the Barns next week.  The event went well despite the wet weather.  Can you believe it?  The weather has stayed dry for months, but it rains during the ride.

Raspberry U-Pick.
We’re having a raspberry u-pick this weekend.
Date:  Sunday Sept. 22
Time: 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
Price: $2.50/pint
Berry condition:  Excellent.  The berries are at their peak right now and the picking is easy.
General u-pick info and directions:  Go to this page.  Please read before visiting the farm.

Veggies List and Veggie Notes (green week)
We are easing out of summer crops as the fall crops mature.  You know it’s fall when we have winter squash and cauliflower for you.  We will continue to send tomatoes as long as the quality remains good.

Delicata winter squash, 2
Cauliflower, 1 head
Broccoli, 1 – 2 heads
Edamame edible soybeans, 1 bundle
Slicing and plum tomatoes, 2 lb of each, for 4 lb total
Bell peppers, 1 or 2
Italian frying peppers, 2 or 3
Green OR yellow wax beans, 0.6 lb
Yellow onions, 2
Parsley, 1 bunch

A few sites will get an heirloom tomato or raspberries.

Next week’s box will contain potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and more.

Delicata winter squash (pretty cream and green striped squash) – These are flavorful, thin-walled winter squash.  We always start the winter squash season with delicata or Sweet Dumpling squash because they are ready to eat at harvest, unlike butternut squash which need curing.  Storage:  Store all winter squash at room temperature.
Preparation: These squash have a central cavity that can be stuffed if you wish.  Cut squash in half, scoop out and discard the seeds.  To cook, I place the cut squash face-down on a cookie sheet, then put some water in the pan, and roast at 400 oF until easily pierced with a fork.  The water in the pan is optional.  The flavor is best if you allow the pan to dry during the cooking, so the squash has a chance to caramelize.
Cauliflower (large white or yellow head) – Some of the cauliflower is yellow because it was exposed to sunlight.  This planting surprised us by forming heads earlier than we expected.  We usually tie leaves around the young cauliflower heads to protect them from sunlight and blanch them white.  These heads grew exposed to light, hence the yellowish tint.  It is purely an aesthetic issue and does not affect the taste.
Edamame, edible soybeans (bundle of stems, leaves, and pods) – See our August 28 post for info about edamame.
Yellow onions – This is the first delivery of our yellow storage onions.  These are pungent and will fry well.

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