Final week for purple EOW

The calendar says “fall” but the weather says “summer.”  I am sure you have noticed.  Nonetheless, we are near the end of our CSA season.
This week, November 5/6 = Final box for our purple EOW members.  Thank you!
Next week, November 12/13 = Final box for weekly members and for green EOW members.
Storage share members – I sent you an email yesterday to confirm that you are registered, and with info about the delivery schedule.

IMG_3592 brussels kelcie billy
Kelcie and Billy harvest Brussels sprouts in shirt sleeves.  That’s not shabby.

Compare with our 2013 Brussels sprouts harvest.  What a difference.  We cut the stalks and took them back to the warm barn to pluck the sprouts from the stalks.  It’s impossible to do outside when it’s that cold.

Veggie List and Veggie Notes (Nov. 5/5, 2015, week #25, purple EOW)

Brussels sprouts
German butterball potatoes, 3.5 lb
Butternut squash
Beets, 2 lb
Yellow onions, about 2
OR small cauliflower + Romanesco
OR small cauliflower + broccoli

Next week’s box will probably contain sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, leeks, winter squash, red cabbage, carrots, Beauty Heart radish and garlic.

Brussels sprouts – We are sending the sprouts on the stalk.  Pluck from the stalk soon to keep the sprouts from wilting.  Saves space in your fridge too!
If you are a new CSA member, please approach Brussels sprouts with an open mind.  Many of us grew up eating awful, overcooked Brussels sprouts.  These Brussels sprouts are completely different.
Here is our method to cook Brussels sprouts: Wash the sprouts and trim the cut ends. Cut an X in the stem end of large sprouts.  Cut a single slit in small or medium sprouts.  This does two things. It helps the Brussels sprouts cook evenly, plus it allows them to soak up any marinade or dressing.  Place sprouts in a pot with one inch of water in the bottom and steam until tender, 7 to 10 minutes.  If the sprouts are uneven in size, then set aside the smallest ones and add to the pot after the larger ones have cooked for a few minutes.  Don’t overcook them!  You can also oven-roast Brussels sprouts.  Here are a few dressing ideas for cooked sprouts:
– Sherry vinegar/olive oil/Dijon mustard/garlic/white wine/salt and pepper.  This is our favorite, especially when you combine the Brussels sprouts with slivered peppers and thinly sliced onions.  Delicious warm, cold, or at room temperature.
– Balsamic vinegar/olive oil/garlic/salt and pepper
– Lemon juice and zest/melted brown butter/poppy seeds/white wine/garlic/salt
German butterball potatoes – These are from our friends Peg and Matt Schaefer of Sandhill Family Farms, and are the potatoes our crew helped harvest a few weeks ago.  Matt says German Butterballs good all-around potatoes with outstanding flavor.  This variety was the first place winner in Rodale’s Organic Gardening “Taste Off.”  Best uses are roasted, boiled or fried.  We boiled small ones in salt water and they were excellent.  Everone in our house chose a different accompaniment for the potatoes; sriracha mayo (Ari), garlic mayonnaise (me), kimchi (Steve) and parmesan cheese (Sophie).
Butternut squash (tan, cylindrical winter squash) – This “Metro” variety has cured very nicely, with good sweetness, flavor, and color.
Celeriac (knobby, round, bizarre-looking vegetable which smells like celery) – Flavorful celeriac is good raw or cooked.  It is excellent in mixed roasted veggies or in soup.  It’s especially good in cream soups, alone or mixed with potatoes.  Grated raw celeriac is a great starting point for winter salads.  Celeriac will store in your refrigerator for months.  Cut off chunks as you need them.  Peel before using.


Comforting Classics

Creamy Cauliflower Potato Soup
Butternut Pie or GF Butternut Pie
Brussels Sprouts with Pecan Brown Butter
BSK Breakfast Potatoes
Beet, Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnut Salad
Apple Celeriac Waldorf

Outside the Box Recipes

Cauliflower Polonaise
Winter Squash Galette
Whole Grain Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms (included are vegan substitutions)
Bangers and Mash
Ginger Glazed Beets
Celeriac, Smoked Mozzarella and Prosciutto Salad

Kitchen Sink Recipe

Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Dressing

Quick and Easy Meal Idea

Shanghai Style Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

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