Week #4. Final box of June Share.

This delivery wraps up our June Share.

We hope you enjoyed our experimental 4-week June Share.  We think it went quite well.  I like that we were able to include most everyone’s spring favorites.  At this point, let’s assume we will do this again next year.  Watch for emails over the winter.

What’s next?

Our next farm offering will be organic plum (Roma) tomatoes, for sauce, freezing or canning.  The tomatoes are often ready around the Labor Day weekend.
– We plan to host on-farm u-picks so you can come harvest ripe plum tomatoes.
– We might offer pre-picked plum tomatoes for sale as well.
I’ll send emails to all of June Share members plus everyone on our email list.  

I might offer a pop-up sale in fall, something similar to a CSA box or a smaller version of our Storage Share from other years.  Just watch for emails from me.  

Willy Street Coop and Outpost Natural Foods and Basics Coop will stock our produce through the summer, fall and winter.  Next week, we begin planting carrots for those 5 lb bags to deliver all winter!  Now we just need a dry spell to get the carrot seeds in the ground.

Strawberry Wrap-Up

The welcome team was ready!

There were a lot of berries ready to pick!

Our berry season came to a dramatic end during the u-pick on Saturday.  People came at 9:00am, hustled and hurried home with lots of berries.  The picking was good until the downpour.  But you all are tough and everyone was in a good mood once the rain stopped again.  However, the heavy rain on Saturday … and Saturday night … and Monday night have damaged the berries.  Our berry season is finished.  We hoped to pick for this week’s delivery but the berries are gone.  Instead, we put that picking time into sugar snap peas and have an astonishing 1.75 lb for each box!  I do not think we’ve ever delivered that many peas at once.

Thank you all so much for joining our June Share this year.  We are honored by the trust you have in us.  Please enjoy this last delivery.
Beth & Steve

Veggie List & Veggie Notes
Week #4, June 27, 2024

– Weekly shares
– BiWeekly/ B group

Sugar snap peas, ~1.75 lb
Napa cabbage
Zucchini &/or summer squash, ~3 lb
Cucumbers, ~3
Silver Slicer cucumber, 1 or 2
Kohlrabi, 1 or 2
Scallions, 1 bunch
Basil, 1 sprig
Rhubarb, 1.25 lb

Sugar snap peas.  These peas should be eaten pod and all.  They are delicious raw, or very lightly cooked or stir-fried.
Preparation: They will need a quick rinse to remove faded gray blossoms.  Here’s how to remove the strings on each pod.  Snap off the stem end and pull the string down the concave side of the pod (the inward-curing side).  Throw away the string and eat the pod.  The thicker pea pods will usually have a string along both edges.  Remove them when you snap off the stem.
Storage: Refrigerate.

Napa cabbage (large, pale green cabbage with crinkled leaves) – Napa cabbage is an interesting vegetable, useful for both fresh, raw salads and for cooking.  Its most famous use is fermented kimchi.  I like to prepare a fresh, unfermented kimchi.  Same seasonings, but it’s ready to eat right away.  You will be amazed at how much shredded napa cabbage shrinks when prepared this way.  See here for an example, but cut the salt in half (or even further): Grilled Flank Steak with Kimchi-style Coleslaw.
Storage:  Napa stores very well.  When refrigerated, it will keep for several weeks.  Peel off the outer layer and it will be ready to use.  Here are a few preparation ideas from the ‘Asparagus to Zucchini’ cookbook.
– Chop raw napa into green salads.
– Substitute napa in traditional coleslaw.
– Chinese cabbage cooks quickly.  Steam 3-5 minutes, or until leaves are wilted down but remain slightly crisp.
– Substitute napa cabbage for common cabbage in recipes, but reduce the cooking time by 2 minutes.
– Napa cabbage is the main ingredient in egg rolls.  Try making an egg roll mixture to eat as a cooked side dish instead of preparing time-consuming egg rolls.

Zucchini & summer squash –  Zucchini and summer squash need refrigeration but do not do well at very cold temperatures, as they will soften and form pits in their surface. Refrigerate these squash but in the warmest part of your fridge.  

Cucumbers – We have been waiting for these!  You’ll receive green slicing cukes or a white variety called Silver Slicer.  These smaller cucumbers are thin-skinned, like pickling cucumbers, with delicious flavor.  No need to peel the Sliver Slicers.  For that matter, there’s no need to peel the green cucumbers either, unless you receive an unusually large one. 
Storage: Store at room temperature for a few days or refrigerate in the warmest part of your fridge.  Cucumbers get chilling injury if stored too cold.

Kohlrabi (pale green, round vegetable with thick skin and attached leaves) – Crunchy and sweet, kohlrabi is a great addition to salads.
Storage: Kohlrabi bulbs will store for a month in the refrigerator. Remove the leaves if you plan to store for more than a few days.
Uses: Kohlrabi are good peeled and eaten out of hand, or added to sandwiches, or added to salads. It makes a nice salad on it’s own. You can grate it, slice it, or cut it into matchsticks. It’s also good cooked.

Basil – The basil is very tender so we washed them very gently.  Expect to wash again to remove grit.  For this harvest, we cut entire plants.  It is lovely stuff.

Green slicing cucumbers and a Silver Slicer cucumber.

This week’s tender basil.


ground turkey and snap pea stirfry
Photo credit Christopher Testani

Spicy Skillet Ground Turkey and Snap Peas

From the New York Times
Combine the sugar snaps and scallions in this week’s box with ground turkey to make this spicy stirfry, and you can add more fresh basil if you don’t have mint – or simply omit the mint.
pasta primavera with shrimp & sugar snaps
Photo credit Sidewalk Shoes

Pasta Primavera with Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas

From Sidewalk Shoes
In addition to sugar snap peas, scallions, and the basil that you will find in this week’s box, this recipe also calls for fresh parsley and arugula. But Primavera recipes are forgiving in terms of what veggies you use, so you can sub in what you have and certainly amping up the amount of sugar snaps will work just fine. The images in the post show snow peas rather than sugar snaps, but they’re pretty interchangeable too! And 3 cups of dry penne (or other pasta) is about 12 oz. or 3/4 of a pound.

Photo credit Leah Maroney

Pickled Kohlrabi

From The Spruce Eats
These kohlrabi pickles will keep in the back of the fridge for a long time and can be served as a condiment with hamburgers or brats, or any other sandwiches. The recipe also suggests chopping them up for coleslaw and adding some of the brine to the dressing, or serving them as a garnish in your martini!
Napa slaw
Photo credit Kellie Hatcher

Crunchy Napa Slaw

From Mountain Mama Cooks
This crunchy slaw will put a good dent in the Napa cabbage in this week’s box, and also calls for sugar snaps and scallions. You can sub in the basil for cilantro and julienned or grated kohlrabi could stand in for carrots.
Magic sesame sauce
Photo credit Molly Yeh

Magic Sesame Sauce

From Molly Yeh, My Name Is Yeh (“yay”)
This week’s box contents, and the weather, suggest cold spicy noodle salads. If you’re like me, you’ve tried a ton of cold peanut and/or sesame noodle recipes – and there are plenty of them out there online! – but this simple sauce from food blogger and TV cooking show personality Molly Yeh is really simple and dependable. You can make it with either tahini or peanut butter and it’s enough sauce for 8 ounces of noodles. It can also easily be doubled, and can be topped with torn fresh basil, scallions, zoodle-ized zucchini, or thinly sliced cucumbers, as just a few possibilities.
Zucchini Muffins with cinnamon chocolate
Photo credit Justine Doiron

Zucchini Muffins with Cinnamon Chocolate

From Justine Snacks
Zucchini season has come early this year, and this muffin recipe deserves a try. It has just enough chocolate and it’s not too sweet, and the muffins keep well and seem to actually taste better after a few days. The recipe is written for 6 jumbo muffins, and does provide measurements for making regular size. I made regular size muffins and got 13, and didn’t have any of the cinnamon chocolate left for the topping, so if topping is important to you, made some extra!
A couple of go-to recipes for 3+ pounds of zucchini

Photo credit James Ransom Food52

Best Zucchini Butter Recipe – How to Make Jennie Cook’s Zucchini Butter

From Food52
There are quite a few versions of zucchini butter out there and it is sometimes attributed to Julia Child. Wherever the recipe came from it’s a versatile way to preserve zucchini. I don’t even drain and squeeze the grated zucchini, because the extra juice will reduce in cooking and make the butter more flavorful. Zucchini butter can be made dairy free, and is great in eggs, on toast, and can be frozen. Many people’s favorite way to use it is in smitten kitchen’s zucchini butter spaghetti.
Zucchini tian
Photo credit RecipeTin Eats

Zucchini Tian

From RecipeTin Eats
Here’s a nicely laid out version of a classic Julia Child recipe, Tian de Courgettes au Riz (Zucchini Tian). This is another recipe with many versions online, for example smitten kitchen or DebsLunch, but I find this one from RecipeTin Eats easy to follow.

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