Sending love now, spinach in May

Greenhouse #1 is almost full with bok choy, scallions, onions, two plantings of lettuce and spinach, greens and more.  

Here’s a message we sent to our members yesterday.

Hello folks,
We have been thinking about all of you, and hope you are safe and well during these scary times.  Many of you have asked for CSA updates.

We are proceeding full speed ahead with the 2020 farming season.  This is the most important work we can do right now.  We expect to begin CSA deliveries in mid-to-late May, as usual, and will announce the delivery schedule in early May.

We have spent the last few years developing our food safety program, so we’ve thought about (and prepared for) how to keep the farm clean and disinfected.  We are closely following the CDC’s information, and will adapt our deliveries to match their recommendations.  We’ve got two months to hammer out the details.  We’ll keep you posted as we determine what changes are needed.

In the meantime, our greenhouses are filling and the perennial crops are awakening outdoors.  We hope you can find a bit of peace in knowing that local food will be available.  We’ll be thinking of all of you, and hope you stay healthy.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions of any kind.

Beth and Steve

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